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Lanier South West can provide you with a FREE PRINT AUDIT so that you can judge how efficient your processes are.

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Take advantage of the Lanier South West FREE PRINT AUDIT to help you identify efficiency savings. 

It will it measure:

  • How many prints are made on each individual machine.
  • How many copies or scans are made on each individual machine.
  • Who is printing, copying or scanning.
  • The efficiency of these actions.
  • The total cost of these actions to your business.

Frequently an organisation will have multiple machines, in different locations throughout their building.  Some may be laser, some may be inkjet.  Typically some of these products will have been added as a business’s requirements increased over time.  However, what has now happened is that as a total solution it is no longer fit for purpose, and often terribly inefficient and costly.

Once Lanier South West has completed your Print Audit you will be able to judge for yourself, and we can provide workflow solutions on how to streamline this element of your business and save you money, time and stress.

Call us now on 01934 742 184 or click the link below for a FREE PRINT AUDIT.

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