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Multifunction Photocopiers

Improve the efficiency of your office with an all-in-one photocopier, a single device that fulfils multiple tasks.

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Multifunction PHOTOCOPIERS

A Versatile Solution

These multifunction photocopiers provide a comprehensive solution for any work environment, combining printing, scanning, and copying capabilities into a single device. With an emphasis on speed, quality, connectivity, and ink efficiency, they ensure that all necessary information is at hand to choose the right copier to meet the needs of any business, irrespective of size or demand.

Why Choose Lanier As Your Multifunction Photocopier Supplier?

And how can a Multifunction Photocopier benefit your business?

  • Versatile printing speeds from 33 to 100 prints per minute to match any workload.
  • Both monochrome and colour printing options for diverse document needs.
  • Supports various paper sizes, including A4 and A3, for flexible printing.
  • Wide selection from leading brands like Toshiba, Develop, Sharp, and Xerox.
  • Extensive range of models to suit any business size and function requirement.
  • Tailor-made solutions crafted to meet your unique printing demands.
  • Expert guidance leveraging our cutting-edge knowledge in printing technology.
  • Precision printing to meet your specific speed and quality requirements.
  • Effortless integration through a range of connectivity options.
  • Optimised ink usage for cost-effective operation.

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Managed Print Solutions

Looking for something else? Explore our managed print solution and scanners. If you require assistance, our skilled team is readily available to guide you in finding the ideal solution.

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Managed Print Solutions

Implementing a managed print solution enhances office efficiency, making operations appear effortlessly self-sustaining and reducing administrative burdens.

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Desktop Scanner

Streamline your document management with our range of desktop scanners, ideal for any office setting. Find the perfect scanner for your business.

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