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St Monica Trust

About the St Monica Trust

The St Monica Trust is a Bristol-based charity with a reputation for providing high quality accommodation and innovative care for older people.  The Trust employs over 1,200 staff to ensure that they give the best support possible to those living in their retirement communities and care homes.  In addition, the Trust’s Community Fund distributes more than £500,000 each year to individuals, families and organisations across the region to help tackle issues that affect the lives of older people.


This began as a speculative call back in December 2015.  The Trust’s suppliers at the time had let them down, and their inaction and unavailability was causing much frustration.  During that first phone conversation our managed print service proved to be of initial interest.

There was a preliminary meeting held to discuss the Trust’s requirements.  With multiple sites, multiple copiers from different sources and multiple printers, it was proving very hard for them to track the overall costs.  So we decided the first step would be to run a full print audit to get a better handle on the situation.

First Steps

Prior to the print audit, every device needed to be networked.  To help the process we managed this task and visited every site to ensure that every device was connected to the network.  We feel that this went some way to building the Trust’s confidence in us.

The next step was a survey in which we were able to demonstrate where cost savings could be made.   What followed was a discussion regarding equipment and purchasing from us, and we’re thrilled to say that that St Monica Trust did indeed select us.


Our solution has now been rolled out across every site, and we are currently in the process of removing old printers as we go, and upgrading to more cost-effective ones.  We have also highlighted current software solutions to help the Trust save additional money and control costs – hopefully this will be the next stage of the project!

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