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St Monica Trust

The St Monica Trust is a Bristol-based charity with a reputation for providing high-quality accommodation and innovative care for older people. The Trust employs over 1,200 staff to ensure that they give the best support possible to those living in their retirement communities and care homes.  In addition, the Trust’s Community Fund distributes more than £500,000 each year to individuals, families and organisations across the region to help tackle issues that affect the lives of older people.


This began as a speculative call back in December 2015.  The Trust’s suppliers at the time had let them down, and their inaction and unavailability was causing much frustration.  During that first phone conversation our managed print service proved to be of initial interest.

There was a preliminary meeting held to discuss the Trust’s requirements.  With multiple sites, multiple copiers from different sources and multiple printers, it was proving very hard for them to track the overall costs.  So we decided the first step would be to run a full print audit to get a better handle on the situation.


In order to better understand the trust's requirements, we arranged a preliminary meeting. It became evident that they faced difficulties in tracking the overall printing costs due to their multiple sites, copiers from different sources, and various printers. We empathised with their struggle and aimed to provide a solution.

We decided the first step would be to run a full print audit to get a better handle on the situation.

Prior to the print audit, it was necessary to network all devices. We managed this task and personally visited each site to ensure that every device was connected to the network. This effort played a significant role in building the trust's confidence in our services.


Following successful device networking and a cost-saving survey, we demonstrated tangible benefits for the trust. This led to St Monica Trust choosing us as their preferred provider, affirming their confidence in our capabilities and marking a significant partnership milestone.

Our solution is now deployed across all sites, with ongoing removal of old printers and upgrades to cost-effective ones. We've also identified software solutions to further save money and control costs, potentially the next project stage!

The Results

Enhanced Efficiency and Workflow

Mary Elton Primary School could collect their print jobs from any of three devices, eliminating the need to wait in queues. Additionally, our printers support "scan to email" functionality, ensuring compliance with GDPR regulations and facilitating secure document sharing.

Cost Savings

With the implementation of Lanier's managed service, Mary Elton Primary School achieved a remarkable 74% reduction in total print costs per year.

Customisable Printing

The solution provided by Lanier allowed for easy customisation of print settings. Users had the flexibility to choose double-sided printing, stapling, or adjust the number of copies as per their requirements. This feature increased convenience and ensured that printed materials met specific needs, reducing waste and optimising resource utilisation.

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