Document Management Software

A seamless, integrated approach to organising, storing, and tracking your important documents and workflow. With Document Management Software, Lanier can help you reduce costs, control printing processes, and promote sustainability within your company. 

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What is Document Management Software?

Document Management Software (DMS) is a practical, cost-effective solution that streamlines the organisation, storage, and monitoring of your business's documents and workflows. Designed to cater to companies of all sizes, DMS improves operational efficiency, ensuring that your document management is both effective and secure.

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Key features of our
Document Management Services


Our Document Management Software offers access via any mobile device, providing flexibility to manage your documentation needs from any location.

Seamless integration

Integrate our DMS with other in-house software applications with ease. Access, capture, or retrieve important documents directly from your printer, and streamline your document management process.

Advanced security

Secure your documents, databases, and archives with sign-in-only access. Audit trails offer complete visibility and accountability for peace of mind.

Electronic forms

Customise digital forms for various needs, like expense reports or patient registration, reducing the time spent on manual data entry.

Efficient Document Capture

Automatically extract essential data from routine documents such as emails and spreadsheets, minimising manual tasks and improving efficiency.

Streamlined Workflow

Automate the lifecycle of documents, including notifications and approvals, for efficient documentation management.

Which Document Management Software Do We Use?


Papercut provides efficient print management software, streamlining print operations for businesses and educational institutions of all sizes

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Square 9

Square 9 Softworks delivers AI-powered Intelligent Information Management solutions, streamlining document processes for efficiency and productivity in diverse industries.

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Foldr simplifies digital file management, uniting cloud and on-site storage in one easy interface, enhancing collaboration and access across devices

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