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Standard Billing

Our Standard Billing package is crafted to align seamlessly with your business operations, offering a straightforward and effective approach to manage your printing requirements.

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What is Standard Billing?

Standard Billing offers a fixed photocopier rental fee plus variable charges based on actual print volume, allowing businesses to balance predictability with flexibility in their printing costs, and enabling them to adjust their usage according to changing needs while maintaining control over their print management.

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Benefits of Standard Billing

Straightforward Approach

A clear and uncomplicated billing structure that integrates easily into your business, removing any unexpected financial surprises.

Flexible Billing

Adjust your printing as necessary, with costs that reflect your actual usage, ensuring your billing aligns with your needs.


Maintain oversight of your print management, with the autonomy to adjust your usage for maximum efficiency and cost-effectiveness.

Efficiency and Cost-Effectiveness

Our commitment to your business includes supporting sustainable practices and helping to reduce costs, all while ensuring your operations remain efficient.

Flat Rate Billing

We're dedicated to delivering solutions tailored to your requirements. Learn about our Flat Rate Billing for streamlined expenses.

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