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Langport Surgery

Langport Surgery is a GP/Doctors practice in Langport. The modern purpose-built building has an unusual dodecagon shaped design and the atmosphere is friendly and welcoming.

They serves approximately 12,200 patients living in 20 rural parishes as well as several residential/nursing homes and special needs establishments.


The initial contact was through a speculative call. It just happened that the timing was great as the Surgery was reviewing its systems at that time, which obviously presented us with a great opportunity.


Further to a meeting to discuss the requirements, limitations and expectations, we presented a solution that met all the criteria as well as demonstrated cost savings. Plus, at Lanier South West, we offer a beneficial rate for all government contracts, which increased their savings further.

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In addition to the cost savings, Langport Surgery was thrilled with the extra features that came as standard, allowing them far more flexibility than the previous solution.

The Results

Fulfilling Requirements & Surpassing Expectations

The new system fulfilled the specific requirements and expectations of the surgery, ensuring that it was a suitable fit for their needs.

Cost Savings

 By implementing the new system, the surgery was able to save money compared to their previous solution. Additionally, we offered a beneficial rate for government contracts, further increasing the savings for Langport Surgery.

Extra Features & Flexibility

Additional features provided the surgery with more flexibility compared to their previous system. This increased flexibility likely enhanced their operational efficiency and allowed them to adapt to their patients' needs more effectively.

What this client says

“The new photocopier is getting favourable reviews.  Even those who are usually ‘scared’ of using it think it is very user friendly. Thanks for your patience.”

Langport Surgery

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