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Cases Ltd

We met with Sean Campbell (Director) from Cases Ltd recently to find out a bit more about how he has found working with Lanier South West.

Cases Engineering has over 35 years of experience in the steel and metal fabrication sector.  They have enjoyed sustained year-on-year growth by doing what they do well, with a degree of precision and efficiency that has made them a force to be reckoned with within the sheet metal fabrication industry.

Cases have been a Lanier South West customer for over 5 years following a referral from another customer.  We asked Sean, why the business was even looking for a new print supplier?

“We seemed to have printers dotted about everywhere.  We were spending so much on various cartridges and bits and pieces for our existing machines; it was costing us a fortune!”


Brilliantly summarised by the client.

“It was important to us that Lanier is a local company. It was very easy dealing with Calum, very friendly and personal. Calum came in and conducted a survey and print audit. Then he did a presentation highlighting what savings we could make if we swapped to the print solution he proposed.”


Cases consolidated their printing and started with one machine that served 5 offices. Then later purchased a second machine for another office, that uses it specifically for technical drawings. The original contract was on a lease/purchase agreement. Now Cases owns their machines outright and has a service agreement with Lanier that includes all support and consumables.

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“Yes. We use the scanning option a lot. We scan to our server and just forward it on by email. In ‘the old days’ we’d have had to photocopy the documents twice – once for the customer, once for our records.”  

Now that this documentation is stored and sent to the customer digitally, it significantly reduces the carbon footprint, plus saving on stationary and postage costs.  PLUS, it takes far less time so it frees up man/woman-power.

At Lanier South West we are all about building long term partnerships with our customers so that we can continue to advise them on how they can use print technology to add value to their business.

The Results

Efficient Printing Workflow

Through printer consolidation and Lanier's print solution, Cases Ltd streamlined their printing workflow.

Utilizing advanced scanning and digital document storage, they saved time, reduced physical storage needs, and minimized resources for document distribution.

Cost Reduction

Lanier's solution involved utilizing a single machine, which proved highly advantageous for Cases Ltd. This approach resulted in savings on stationary and postage costs. PLUS, it significantly reduced printing time, so it frees up labour power.

Environmental Sustainability

Adopting digital document storage and email-based communication instead of traditional postage methods significantly reduced carbon footprint.

What this client says

“The Service has always been very good.  If there has ever been an issue an engineer is straight out to our premises to resolve.  Just one of the benefits of using a local company.”

Cases LTD

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