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A leading independent supplier of managed print and document services in the South West for over 50 years.

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Reduce your document costs

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Manage your GDPR Policy

Leaders in our field for over 50 years, we have oodles of experience to offer you and we are much more than just a photocopier supplier. We are not some huge faceless corporation, we are a team of dedicated local people, committed to finding the best document management solution for you. Whether that be one small desktop printer or photocopier leasing, or a multitude of machines over numerous locations. 

Flat Rate Billing

What is it, and why is it so good?

  • No more unpredictable charges
  • Same bill every month
  • Like a fixed rate mortgage; you can budget accurately knowing what your spend will be

You can still utilise our Cost Per Copy option, but this option might suit your current way of working better.

Why choose us?

Big enough to matter, small enough to care!

 Our customers are our NO.1 priority

 We're a local business, supporting our community

 We've got the best, most user-friendly printers & photocopiers in the South West

 We work with both large and small businesses



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50+ years

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About our company

Leaders in our field for over 50 years, we have oodles of experience to offer you and we are much more than just a photocopier supplier.

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Our History

Incorporated in 1968 by Maurice and Helen Smith as Norset Office Supplies. From the on the company has continued to grow and flourish.

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What our customers say

“The new photocopier is getting favourable reviews.  Even those who are usually ‘scared’ of using it think it is very user friendly. Thanks for your patience.”

Langport Surgery

“We have been customers of Lanier South West for 30 years. We have always received wonderful service from Calum Smith and his team. An excellent service all around."

Milford & Dormor Solicitors LLP Offices in Somerset & Devon

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