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Desktop Scanners

The transition to a more digitised office has been accelerated by the changing work environments and the need for effective operations. We are here to offer support to ensure that you can effectively tackle various challenges and operate your business more flexibly and efficiently.

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Desktop Scanners

Ideal For Any Environment

Ideal for any office environment, these scanners are designed for easy integration into front-office tasks, ensuring smooth, high-quality document digitisation for all your business needs. Explore our range of desktop scanners and find the right product for your business needs. 

Desktop Scanners

Secure & Flexible

Instant secure access to electronic documents allows staff to retrieve information from any location, vital for teams working remotely and ensuring immediate access with a full audit trail. This flexibility supports companies in re-evaluating physical office space needs, potentially reducing overheads and positively affecting the bottom line, as data is securely accessible online rather than through physical files.

How Can A Desktop Scanner Benefit Your Business?

And why choose Lanier as your desktop scanner supplier?

  • Compact design fits any office, saving space.
  • Ensures high-quality scans for clear digitisation.
  • Integrates easily with front-office tasks, improving workflow.
  • Outperforms multifunction printers in scan clarity and speed.
  • Faster document scanning boosts productivity over all-in-ones.
  • Efficient design reduces time and effort in digitisation.
  • Offers tailored options to meet varied business needs.
  • Wide selection from leading brands like Toshiba, Develop, Sharp, and Xerox.

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From Handy to Essential

 Let's explore key features that could significantly ease your work life.

Barcode Scanning

Automate document filing with barcode scanning. Simply assign barcodes, scan, and documents auto-file to the correct user's location. This process includes automatic file creation for unmatched efficiency, whether you're in-office or remote.

Highlighter Zone OCR Scanning

Enhance invoice processing with Highlighter Zone OCR Scanning. Mark critical details like supplier names and numbers, and upon scanning, these become searchable metadata, streamlining filing and storage, even auto-creating files as needed.

OCR & Scan Conversion

Leverage OCR during scanning to search document text or convert files into editable formats like Word, Excel, or PowerPoint. Additionally, scan directly to cloud services or extract data from scanned images for unparalleled utility.

Printing Solutions

Looking for something else? Explore our managed print solution and photocopiers. If you require assistance, our skilled team is readily available to guide you in finding the ideal solution.

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Managed Print Solutions

Implementing a managed print solution enhances office efficiency, making operations appear effortlessly self-sustaining and reducing administrative burdens.

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Multifunction Photocopier

Upgrade your office with a versatile multifunction printer, capable of handling all your printing and scanning needs in one smart device.

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