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GDPR Compliance

Are you sure that your organisation’s document processing complies with GDPR regulations?

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GDPR Compliance

Are you sure that your organisation’s document processing complies with GDPR regulations?  There is a lot of scaremongering around this subject, and undoubtably it is a difficult to thing to manage if you are doing it manually.  However, a document management solution does just that – manages the data for you and provides accountability.  It will:

The basis for a GDPR compliant solution is a solid and secure information system.  An unsecure print management system leaves your establishment exposed to hacking as well as the high percentage risk of data loss from actual printed documents.

How can we ensure your conformity?

Secure your print system

This is all about workflow, from the time a user clicks 'print' following right through the lifespan of a printed document.  All print servers and network need to be correctly secured.

Stop unwanted printouts

Whilst this is obviously a huge waste of paper, it is also a big security risk.  By implementing a verification procedure at the printer prior to print, this is addressed.

Right to Access

Everyone has the right to access their information, and you are obliged to protect the data for those that it is stored.  We can help ensure that it is securely stored and all print history recorded.

Right to be Forgotten

This allows you to, if requested, delete a  user’s identifying data including  all the user’s transaction history and personal details. However, the transactional detail will still be held in the database for reporting and costing purposes, just without any associated user data.

Data Over-write

We can offer a range of over-write options.    

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