Managed Printing

Having a managed print solution streamlines that aspect of your office so that it appears to run itself. You have support in place for the times that you might need assistance to get the most out of your printer, photocopier and scanner and you don't have to worry about keeping an eye on consumables and re-ordering; that is all handled for you.

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Managed Print

Modern technology means that there is a vast array of products, sometimes a bewildering amount on offer to handle your print and copy requirements. However, who has the time to evaluate all these options in order to find the correct one for your business? Ignoring the situation can result in escalating wastefulness, which in turn has a negative impact on your business.

Spiralling Expenditure

When there is no facility to oversee usage then print costs can get out of hand, and usually it isn’t picked up on until the bill comes in!  After all, who has time to monitor an assortment of printers dotted around your business or school?  What is required is an overview of what is being printed, the frequency and by who. Sound good? If so, read on…

Printing Services - close up of high definition print

Concealed Burden on Resources

Managing the multitude of printers, copiers or multi-functional devices in your business can be a significant drain on resources.  Whichever department, team or individual this task falls too will more than understand the length of time required to maintain the machines, monitor and replace the consumables, troubleshoot and set up users.

Then of course what happens if no resource is available to complete any of these tasks?  Don’t know… well, if you don’t know then neither will your workforce!  All these barriers to productivity have a hidden, and scarily high, cost implication.

The Total Solution

Lanier South West can step in and handle all of this; providing you with a complete solution. If you think this sounds good, then here's what would happen next:

  • We come and meet with you to discuss the products you are already using and their physical locations.
  • Then we'd investigate your current usage - either using any reporting software you already have or by using our remote monitoring software.

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Process Management

Print Audit

Lanier South West can provide you with a free print audit so you can judge how efficient your process is.


Regulations & Compliance

GDPR Compliance

Are you sure that your organisation's document processing complies with GDPR regulations?


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Even if you haven't got a machine or solution from Lanier South West, we can still be of service.


Process Management

Flat Rate Printing

In a world of rising costs, there is comfort in knowing exactly how much you will be spending each month.


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