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Flat Rate Billing

Fed up with fluctuating printing costs? Lanier South West offers an innovative Flat Rate Billing system, akin to your favourite subscription service, allowing unlimited printing at a predictable monthly rate. 

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A Simplified Approach

This model simplifies budgeting, ensuring no surprises and the freedom to print as needed without worrying about maintenance or additional charges. Our Flat Rate Billing offers a cost-effective, transparent solution, letting you focus on growing your business without the hassle of managing print costs.

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Benefits of Flat Rate Billing

Consistent Monthly Billing

Enjoy the same bill every month, removing the unpredictability associated with traditional cost-per-page models.

No Extra Maintenance Fees

Print as much as you like; the flat rate covers all necessary maintenance without extra costs.

Accurate Budgeting

With a fixed monthly rate, budgeting becomes straightforward, offering peace of mind in a world of variable expenses.

A Partnership Approach

Our Flat Rate Programme is more than just a billing model; it's a partnership. We work closely with you to understand your printing needs, providing support and assistance to optimise your print usage. This collaborative approach aims to reduce costs and enhance efficiency, ensuring you get the most out of your printing services.

Boosted Clarity & Productivity

With a slightly higher rental price to accommodate unlimited printing, our flat rate ensures complete transparency. You'll benefit from the best possible equipment tailored to your needs without the pressure of overuse. This model encourages more efficient printing practices, reducing unnecessary prints and promoting sustainability.

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Standard Billing

We're dedicated to delivering solutions tailored to your requirements. Learn about our Standard Billing offering.

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