Flat Rate Billing

Are you sick & tired of paying for your print by cost per page? We are about to tell you about an innovative new option to enable you to accurately forecast and budget plans your printing costs. In a world of rising costs everywhere, there is comfort in knowing exactly how much you will be spending each month, so why should printing be any different?

Lanier South West offers something pretty unique in the printing world; Flat Rate Printing charges. Think of it a bit like your favourite TV subscription service - you pay the same every month, at a flat rate, regardless of your usage.

This is a brand new way to handle your printing and removes the need for 'cost per page' or having to buy your own cartridges. If you haven’t heard of it, it’s called the Flat Rate Programme for managed print.

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Flat Rate Billing Benefits In Short

  • No more unpredictable charges
  • Same bill every month
  • Like a fixed rate mortgage: you can budget accurately knowing what your spend will be

Of course, you can still use the Cost Per Copy option, but maybe this suits your current way of working better.

Accurate Budgeting

Part of the problem with cost per page options, is that your provider has to count all of the pages for black and white plus colour, they then send you the invoice and you have to count all of the pages, because they don’t always line up.

So, before you even consider paying the bill you have to make sure that the counts are accurate and this can be time-consuming and troublesome; your Team have got better things to do than count pages!

Under a Flat Rate Programme you pay a fixed fee per device or by user, or a combination of the two for all of your print needs.

Ensuring Best Practice

Most sales reps are paid on the profit and gross margin on the equipment they sell, and often they will try and sell you the biggest piece of equipment they can to make sure that their commission earnings are higher.  It's not that they're bad people, it's not that they're doing anything nefarious, it's simply what they're paid to do!

Under a Flat Rate Programme sales reps are paid differently.  There is a much stronger alignment between what you're looking for and what the dealer is looking for.

Under the traditional cost per page system the supplier will make their money on pages, so they are naturally going to want you to print more colour pages as that will generate more revenue, and subsequently they generate more profit.  Not so with the Flat Rate Scheme.

How Does This Change Your Relationship With Your Provider?

Providing the best equipment

You are reassured that you are getting the best possible piece of equipment to serve your needs.

Remember, with the Flat Rate Scheme you pay only one flat rate per month, so everything that the dealer has to provide now becomes a cost.

So all of the pricing becomes a lot more transparent and much easier to cost out.

Working with you

Remember those colour pages that we talked about a little bit earlier? Those aren’t revenue making for the supplier any more, they are 'at cost', and that’s good for you.

Why?  It makes you far more efficient in your usage by reducing sometimes unnecessary and costly practices such as printing in colour when it is not needed; in emails and web printing.  

Printing Services - close up of high definition print

A final word ...

Today employees pretty much print anything that they want to; printing to a local device that will be expensive, or printing emails that don't need to be in colour. There are so many things that are being printed today that don't need to be.

Your supplier, under the cost per page system, probably isn't going to raise an eyebrow to that, but under a Flat Rate Programme they will.

At the end of the day, isn’t that what you really care about? Ensuring that you have the very best and cost-effective solution for your company enabling you to get on with growing your business, rather than quibbling over print costs and effectiveness!

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