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Square 9's Document Management Software streamlines office operations with advanced digital solutions. It optimises workflows, enhances document security, and simplifies data management, making it ideal for modern businesses focused on efficiency and digital transformation.

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Seamless Document Scanning & Intelligent Routing

Leveraging advanced OCR (optical character recognition) technology, Square9 captures the content of scanned documents and intelligently analyses it. This analysis enables Square9 to determine the appropriate destination for the document, whether it be a shared location, an employee for further modifications, or a designated approver before storage.

The products and solutions Square 9 offer include:


GlobalSearch, Square 9's Enterprise Content Management (ECM) software; document management with secure, centralised storage and easy document retrieval. It simplifies business workflows, enhances data security, and ensures compliance, making it ideal for modern organisations seeking efficient, digital document management solutions.


GlobalForms from Square 9 is a dynamic web forms management software that facilitates the process of data collection and workflow automation. Designed to eliminate repetitive tasks, it securely stores data for easy access, improving overall process visibility. With its user-friendly designer, GlobalForms enables easy form creation through a browser-based platform.


GlobalCapture by Square 9 is a sophisticated document capture automation software designed for efficient document processing in businesses. It offers a flexible, scalable solution that captures, classifies, validates, and routes documents automatically. With advanced OCR technology and multiple release options, GlobalCapture simplifies data extraction from diverse document formats.


GlobalAction is Square 9’s business process automation software designed to enhance workflow efficiency in any organisation. It offers a web-based platform for designing and managing document-driven processes, complete with automated notifications and real-time analytics. GlobalAction streamlines critical business functions, from document routing and approvals to compliance management.

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