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World Emoji Day

Soooo, apparently it's World Emoji Day - yes, it really is a thing!  It's not that we don't necessarily like an emoji at Lanier South West, but a whole day devoted to it?

Interestingly it shares it's day with some other little gems - 'Hot Dog Day' and 'Yellow Pig Day' (God knows!)!

It isn't like the Guiness Book of World Records - there is no one to validate a day.  Basically if you want to start a 'day', blast it round the echelons of social media and before you know it you'll be being tagged in on posts about it.

Here are a few that we thought of in the office:-

  • Lie In Day
  • Eat Pizza For Breakfast Day
  • Do More Exercise Day (bit optimistic!)
  • Wine Wednesday Day
  • Admin Staff Rule Day

Have you got any you'd like to share?!?!?!?

Posted by Lanier South West on July 17th 2019

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