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What is Print Management and Why Is It Important For My Business?

In today's lightning-paced business environment, managing print and document workflows efficiently is a fundamental process; with its primary aim to help streamline operations and boost productivity.

But what exactly is print management—and why is it important for your business? As a leading provider of print and document management solutions in the South West, Lanier SW is here to help local companies get familiar with the concept of print management and understand its universal benefits.

Print management: the basics

Right, let’s get down to the brass tacks. Print and copy management is a comprehensive and fully customisable approach to overseeing an organisation's print environment; everything from printers, copiers, scanners, and multifunction devices will be covered in your print management plan. By implementing strategies and tools to suit your company’s specific printing needs, you're able to optimise printing workflows, reduce costs, increase security, and minimise environmental impact. 

By finding the right print management solution, businesses can gain better control over their printing processes and achieve significant improvements in productivity and cost savings.

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Optimising print workflows

At the heart of any good print management service is the ability to optimise print workflows. By performing a free print audit, evaluating the printing needs of the business, then putting in place a system to streamline processes—whether that’s print routing, job scheduling, or print job tracking. By automating these workflows, print management providers can help businesses eliminate manual and time-consuming tasks, reduce print waste, and improve overall efficiency. Not bad!

There’s never been a successful business that didn’t have effective cost control measures in place. Well, print management solutions offer plenty of help to businesses looking to keep unnecessary expenditure down. By monitoring and managing print volumes, setting print quotas, and implementing rules-based printing, businesses can keep a handle on their costs and prevent unnecessary or unauthorised printing. Meanwhile, by gaining better visibility into print usage, businesses can further maximise their print budget.

Security and environmental peace of mind

With the increased and ever-more sophisticated threats of data breaches and information leaks, it's paramount for businesses to safeguard sensitive information printed or scanned in their office environment. Print management solutions can provide effective security features to mitigate the potential cyber risks. From user authentication and secure print release, to print job encryption to ensure that confidential information remains secure and accessible only to authorised users.

In addition to cost control and security, print management solutions also contribute to sustainability efforts. By optimising print workflows, reducing print waste, and implementing print rules, businesses can minimise their environmental impact and promote sustainable printing practices. This helps businesses to not only achieve their corporate social responsibilities but also saves costs associated with unnecessary printing and paper waste.

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How can we help?

If you're looking to streamline your print workflows and optimise your printing processes—while saving money and reducing your carbon footprint in the same breath—Lanier SW’s print and document management services can provide solutions tailored exactly for your business needs. Why not get in touch today and see how we can help?

Posted on March 24th 2023

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