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Toshiba Job Replicator

This is designed to help those of you that have Dot Matrix Printers and want to move away from them, as buying the 2 or 3 part pre-printed paper can prove costly.

This nifty bit of software allows you to print the same document on to different coloured paper in one click.  Or it can print from the same tray by adding words like ‘client’, ‘office’ & ‘driver’ to them.  These words are just examples and can be changed to your own specifications.


  • Streamline the creation and distribution of multi-part forms and documents 
  • Use multiple paper sources from your e-STUDIO device in the same print job 
  • Replace old carbon-copy by a fully automated, yet simple process 
  • Take advantage of the e-BRIDGE Replicator eX directly in your Toshiba printer driver


  • Significant cost reductions
  • Simple to use
  • Big time savings

A bit more detail

Toshiba’s e-BRIDGE Replicator eX is a simple one-touch application to streamline the creation of multi-part forms and documents. It enables you to print multiple sets of the same document, for example - receipts, invoices, or statements, on different paper types (different colour or different paper weight) with only one print job.  We can’t emphasise enough how useful this is by ensuring that the different copies are easy and quick to spot and distinguish.

If you regularly have to print the same multi-part forms or documents, you will instantly appreciate the advantages Replicator eX offers you.  In one print job the software allows you to print from different paper sources instead of having to repeatedly print the same job but on different paper each time.  In addition you can even select the staple option, which will then staple all sets into one document.

You don’t need any specialist training to use this application, just open the e-BRIDGE Replicator eX tab in your dialogue box and enter the required settings.  Once you have started using this functionality you will quickly see how it increases the productivity in your business, and basically makes your day to day work life that little bit easier!


Posted by Lanier South West on October 22nd 2021

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