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Lanier South West Office Renovation

There is no doubt that lockdown has been a strain on everyone.  It's not something any of us has faced before so, just like everyone else, we've been muddling along as best we can.  It is so rare (in fact it's never happened before!) for us to have this level of downtime.  Soooooo .... we've been making the most of it by renovating our office.

Before work started
Another 'before' pic

This project was started some time ago and we worked on it as and when we had the time.  The last few months have given us the opportunity to focus on it.  So contractors have been in and we've now got new electric lighting, sockets, network, and a VERY nice shiny new resin floor.  We're over the moon with our new Lanier South West office, we can't wait until we can get in and use it!

New Lanier South West Office
Check out the shiny new floor!

Posted by Lanier South West on June 12th 2020

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