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Back to School Chaos!

Mums celebrating kids going back!

Anyone not know that the schools have gone back???  Between the endless pics on social media … ‘1st day at little/big school’ … the frantic ‘when does XXXXX Primary go back’ …. ‘is tomorrow an inset day’ … etc etc, even a childless octogenarian would be hard pressed not to notice! That’s without even bringing up the mass of traffic that has sprung up everywhere after a 6-week break.

But nobody really seems to mention the teachers and school admin staff that have to prepare for the influx of new arrivals …. which of course is even more chaotic as it’s the start of the new school year.  So in a shameless plug …. Schools – why don’t you get us, Lanier South West, in to help?  We can help you to improve productivity, efficiency and security simply by implementing a print document management solution from us.  Call us on 01934 742 184.

So, whether you’re waving off your little one who’s looking like they’ve  been shrunk in their uniform that has ‘room to grow’ or feeling nostalgic as you drop your 16 year old young adult off at 6th form college, spare a thought for unsung administrators scrabbling about in the background!  In fact, let this be an unofficial ‘School Administrators Day’ 5th September – you heard it here first!

Posted by Lanier South West on September 5th 2019

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