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Mary Elton Primary School

Mary Elton Primary is a lovely school with extensive grounds, allowing for fantastic facilities for sports and environmental activities. Mary Elton Primary became part of the Clevedon Learning Trust on 1st April 2017.


Fast forward to the back end of 2020 …. Which was a difficult time already as the nation was being plunged in and out of lockdown.  The school were getting very frustrated with their print and photocopier supplier.  In fact, they didn’t feel like they were receiving very much in the way of servicing at all.  The response rate was pretty low and they didn’t appear to have much by the way of local support.  Sadly, it appeared that they were also being significantly overcharged for the service they were receiving.

Lanier SW already provided services for four of the other schools in this Multi-Academy Trust, so we were ideally placed to step in and provide a solution following a recommendation by the IT Manager at one of the other schools.


It was very important to the school that they had a local reliable onsite service when it was required.  After providing a free print audit and review of their current service, Lanier decided that 2 x 5015AC 330AC high speed booklet finish Toshiba Printers, and the new award winning A4 330AC printer would be perfect in the front office. 

These printers come with multi-station print, which is a form of ‘follow me print’.  It allows the user to collect the print job from any printer they want to. This is great when one device is busy, as it removes the requirement to queue for a print job that can actually be collected from any of the 3 devices.  It also supports ‘scan to email’ so that access can be restricted for GDPR purposes, which was essential for the school.


This solution is great for uptime as the user doesn’t have to waste time waiting for something to print.  In addition, it is also possible to amend the print function, say to double sided instead of single, or staple when not previously selected, or even change the number of copies.

Incredibly, and importantly, the financial savings since moving to a managed service with Lanier SW have been calculated as a massive 74% reduction in total print costs per year!

The Results

Enhanced Efficiency and Workflow

Mary Elton Primary School could collect their print jobs from any of three devices, eliminating the need to wait in queues. Additionally, our printers support "scan to email" functionality, ensuring compliance with GDPR regulations and facilitating secure document sharing.

Cost Savings

With the implementation of Lanier's managed service, Mary Elton Primary School achieved a remarkable 74% reduction in total print costs per year.

Customisable Printing

The solution provided by Lanier allowed for easy customisation of print settings. Users had the flexibility to choose double-sided printing, stapling, or adjust the number of copies as per their requirements. This feature increased convenience and ensured that printed materials met specific needs, reducing waste and optimising resource utilisation.

What this client says

“Excellent.  Really good. The service has been brilliant, same day! During recent power cuts, the scanning system was our lifeline. In fact, that day the engineers were on site within an hour fixing the fallout from the blackouts.”

Mary Elton Primary School

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