Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some of our most frequently asked questions, hopefully you will find what you need here but if not, we are always here to help.

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How do I take I take my meter readings?

It depends on the model, please refer to the list below:


  • From the main screen press on set up
  • Then status sheets
  • Then print usage history sheet and that has the readings on.


  • Press the [COUNTER] button on the control panel to access the COUNTER menu
  • Press [TOTAL COUNTER]. a) The TOTAL COUNTER screen is displayed
  • Press [PRINT COUNTER] a) The PRINT COUNTER screen is displayed
  • Select [TOTAL] a) Provide the TOTAL number listed under FULL COLOR b) Provide the TOTAL number listed under BLACK


  • Press the home screen button
  • Select Counter at top of screen
  • Totals will be displayed


  • Press user tools button (123)
  • Select counter
  • Totals will be displayed

How to take readings for all machines are also available on  

What is Cyan?

Blue dye

What’s a waste toner/box?

It is where all the excess ink and ‘bits’ that come from using the machine collect.  There is no facility to monitor this, however, your model will notify you several times when it is getting full, and you will need to replace it with one you have in stock or order one from us.

How do I recycle toner cartridges?

You can buy a recycling box from us at £16 + VAT.  It will have the supplier’s phone number on it and you can call them when it is full.  Please note that we are no longer able to directly provide this service ourselves.

Where can I find my print driver?

This again depends on the manufacturer, please visit the relevant manufacturer's website for more info.

Why won’t my copier scan?

Frequently this is because the password has changed.  As a first port of call please contact your network administrator.

Why won’t my machine turn on?

Have you checked that it is plugged in and turned on at the power source as well as at the machine?  Are you experiencing a power cut?  If neither of these is the case then please call us and we will investigate further.

Does my machine make coffee?

No, but it did we’d have one!  Seems these guys have thought of it though

How do I do a private print?

This depends on the model, check out the relevant manufacturer for full details.

Can my machine staple?

Only if it has this facility.  If it doesn’t it is simple to upgrade, just give us a call.

Can my machine holepunch?

Only if it has this facility.  If it doesn’t it is simple to upgrade, just give us a call.

How do I add a pincode or reset the counter?

This varies by device, the steps for this will be located in the user manual. The names for the codes are as follows; Toshiba – User Codes / Department Codes, Develop/Konica Minolta – User Auth / Account Track.

What is the Admin password for my device?

For a Toshiba device the default admin username is admin and the password is 123456, for a Develop / Konica Minolta device it will be either 12345678 or 1234567812345678.

What is the Serial Number of my device?

This should be listed on a sticker that is placed on the front or top of the device. If there is no sticker, the Serial Number is usually located on the back of the photocopier.  If the sticker is missing, then please get in touch and we will be happy to supply a replacement.

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