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Document Management

Whatever size your business is, DMS works on your behalf to make you more efficient.

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Document Management

First of all, what exactly is Document Management Software (DMS)? Essentially it is an economical solution for improving the management, storage and monitoring of all your organisations documentation and workflow processes.  Whatever size your business is, DMS works on your behalf to make you more efficient.

What sort of features can it offer?


Offers access through any mobile device at any location.


With other in-house software applications so that you can access, capture or retrieve relevant documentation straight from your printer.


Sign in only access ensures that all documents, databases and archives are protected.  An audit trail provides accountability and total visibility to productivity.

Electronic Forms

Create personalised forms to capture relevant data digitally such as expense forms, student enrolment or patient sign up.  It negates the need for time-consuming manual data entry.

Document Capture

Obtains essential data from your routine documentation such as emails, spreadsheets and word docs to name a few, which reduces the necessity to perform these tasks manually.


Moves a document through its lifecycle automatically, including notifications and approvals.

With the digitisation of all these standard processes you will be freed up to spend time on driving your business’s productivity and moving it forward.

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